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Welcome to my Gluten-Free food and travel blog! I’m Jamie, and I have a passion for healthy food and vibrant living. Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with celiac disease and it changed my diet and lifestyle in ways I could not imagine – some good and some, well, challenging.

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The biggest transformations were learning to cook and bake gluten-free, mastering self-care, and realizing that I could still travel the world with a little planning and creativity!

Did I mention that I quit my job to ride a bicycle around the world with my dog? I love jumping into new experiences with open arms and problem-solving along the way!

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On this site, you’ll find easy shareworthy recipes, my travel hacks for gluten-free eaters, and a variety of topics on health and healing requested by members of the VgF family.

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What is a gluten-free lifestyle?

A gluten-free lifestyle means that we avoid eating wheat, barley, and rye, as well as foods derived from these ingredients. That includes traditional bread, beer, baked goods, soy sauce, and quite a few other surprising foods that have unexpected gluten. There are plenty of delicious substitutions for all these ingredients, however.

We interpret this lifestyle to mean lots of whole, fresh foods, healthier versions of our favorites (like chocolate chip cookies), and vegetable-based dishes.

Why Gluten-Free?

In this community, some of us have celiac disease which requires a strict, life-long gluten-free diet. By medical necessity, we eat gluten free. Others eat gluten-free because of health conditions such as Hashimoto’s (a thyroid disorder), Attention Deficit Disorder, gluten intolerance, gluten sensitivity, eczema, and more.

Additionally, some of us choose to eat gluten-free to support partners, family members, or as a personal choice for better health. We welcome all gluten-free eaters, but we ask for respect for all of our choices and requirements, and an open mind if our body reacts differently than yours.

What is your education?

I have a Master’s Degree in Science and am married to a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. While neither of us are trained medical professionals, we are skilled at interpreting scientific news and literature. You may see my opinions on gluten-free news and research as well as scientific interpretations on occasion. 

Overall, I share my experience eating gluten free from a purely anecdotal “this is what works for me” viewpoint. 

Are your recipes vegan?

Some of our recipes are vegan, and nearly all are plant-focused. This is a community for people who are passionate about healthy eating and enjoy a vegetable-focused diet.

While I ate vegan prior to my celiac diagnosis, my body functions best when I eat some meat. Often, there are easy vegan substitutions for the recipes I share.

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Do you frequently feel deprived eating a gluten-free diet?

No way! When I first went gluten-free and needed to adapt to a new style of eating, I did feel deprived. Gluten-free foods were less known and available and I wasn’t a great cook.

Now, I share recipes for my favorites, eat a balanced and delicious diet, and have more energy than before eating gluten-free!

What will I find on Vibrantly g-Free?

I cover quite a few topics about gluten-free living. These include:

  • Tips for gluten-free travel
  • Nourishing gluten-free recipes
  • Advice for simplifying the lifestyle challenges caused by eating a strict gluten-free diet

I also frequently write posts on healing that are related to reader questions and suggestions. If you want to see it on the site, let me know!

What’s next?

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Thanks for stopping by!

❤︎  Jamie

p.s. Wondering where our logo came from? 

The fireweed plant is the first to take root and thrive after a forest fire. After my celiac diagnosis, I felt like scorched earth. The tips and resources I share on this site helped me feel better quickly and thrive like this vibrant flower! 

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Reader Love

Jamie has celiac disease down to a science!




Jamie has celiac disease down to a science!

A fresh perspective on gluten-free with tips that are easy to implement!




A fresh perspective on gluten-free with tips that are easy to implement!

The best GF info and ideas out there, especially if you travel! Wonderful pictures, as well.




The best GF info and ideas out there, especially if you travel! Wonderful pictures, as well.

I feel like can travel spontaneously again. Thank you!




I feel like can travel spontaneously again. Thank you!

I love the vibe - so positive and uplifting!




I love the vibe - so positive and uplifting!