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Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes >> Easy + Delicious!

It’s officially time to make that delicious gluten free Thanksgiving line-up! Food holidays create so many awkward situations for celiacs and gluten-free eaters. You may need to cook for a large family of BIG eaters, maybe you’re just cooking for yourself and the rest of the family eats gluten, and you’re bound to get some off-putting comments about how you can’t eat anything…

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes Pin

This post contains Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes that:

  • are easy to scale up for a crowd or down for just yourself (though we highly recommend leftovers)
  • take minimal time to prepare
  • focus on healthy, naturally delicious, whole foods ingredients
We also include tips for a more comfortable and inclusive holiday celebration below the recipes.

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes:

Crispy Parsley Roasted Potatoes

Is it really a holiday without a potato dish? Not in our house. This super easy Parsley Roasted Potatoes recipe is simple and divine. With only 5 ingredients, you can prepare it in a jiffy, and it’s the perfect companion to the roasted Brussel Sprouts Recipe below and a simple roasted chicken or turkey. Get the recipe here!

roasted potatoes 2 roasted potatoes pic 1

Crispy Roasted Brussel Sprouts

It’s tough to beat a perfectly roasted tray of brussel sprouts. We experimented with temperature, spices, and oil to come up with one that’s perfectly crisp and flavorful each time. This recipe is consistently the first to disappear from the table during friend and family events and it is so easy, with only 4 ingredients and minimal prep time!

If you’re bringing a dish to share, I recommend you bring this one! My partner on the other hand would suggest you keep them all to yourself – they’re far to good share… Get the recipe here!

roasted brussel sprouts 1roasted brussel sprouts 2

Gluten & Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie

This gluten and dairy free pumpkin pie is absolutely delicious and cooks in half the time of most dairy free pumpkin pies! Want to know the secret? Read the recipe to find out!

gluten free pumpkin pie

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A Simple Main

We don’t have a recipe for roasted chickens or turkeys on the site at the moment, and if you follow along on social media, you’ll know that my current travel doesn’t include access to an oven!

We recommend a simple roasted chicken or cornish hen, a roasted turkey breast, or making this the one dish that is 100% gluten-free for everyone so you can partake (see Tip 2 below).

Tip: The one spice we add without fail and compliments our entire Thanksgiving lineup is rosemary.

Gluten Free thanksgiving main

Gluten Free Thanksgiving & Holiday Tips:

1. Take control of the bird!

The turkey is one of the easiest things to make gluten-free, and if you can, make it YOUR project. If using a roasting bag, you can prepare it safely in someone else’s kitchen because you can prevent cross contact. Bring the carving knife, some tapioca starch or other gluten-free flour (to prevent sticking to the bag), and any gluten-free spices you like.

The second it cools, grab your (double) gluten free portion and let the rest of the family cross contaminate it to their heart’s content!

2. Consider a Theme Holiday

We’ve had great success with gluten free thanksgiving theme dinners! It’s so easy to make an entire gluten-free meal for a crowd on the grill (may we suggest Hawaiian Barbecue). This is one of our favorite ways to connect over food and to share how easy and delicious gluten-free and dairy free eating can be.

Gluten Free thanksgiving Meal theme

3. Don’t forget a gluten-free dessert

There were a few times when we left dessert at home to eat afterward just for the simplicity of packing. BIG MISTAKE. We felt left out, our host felt guilty, and it gave well-meaning friends and family members an opportunity to feel bad for us.

4. Always bring extra gluten free snacks

Is it just my family or do holidays rarely go as planned for everyone? Like any other day, bring extra gluten free snacks, just in case someone burns the turkey, dusts naturally gluten free foods with breadcrumbs, you stay later than planned, or you otherwise feel uncomfortable eating something.

5. Show gratitude to your host

Many hosts love to share their home and food with guests and will feel bad that you can’t partake. Be sure to let them know you had a wonderful time and appreciate the thought and care they invest in hosting.

I don’t know about you, but all of this holiday talk is making me HUNGRY. I’ll be in the kitchen whipping up some of those Crispy Brussel Sprouts for meal prep this week.

Which recipe will you make first?

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Enjoy your Gluten-Free & Celiac-Safe Holiday, my friend, and be sure to tag #vibrantlygfree on instagram when sharing photos of your gluten-free life!

❤︎ Jamie

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Jamie has celiac disease down to a science!


Vibrantly g-Free


Jamie has celiac disease down to a science!

A fresh perspective on gluten-free with tips that are easy to implement!


Vibrantly g-Free


A fresh perspective on gluten-free with tips that are easy to implement!

The best GF info and ideas out there, especially if you travel! Wonderful pictures, as well.


Vibrantly g-Free


The best GF info and ideas out there, especially if you travel! Wonderful pictures, as well.

I feel like can travel spontaneously again. Thank you!


Vibrantly g-Free


I feel like can travel spontaneously again. Thank you!

I love the vibe - so positive and uplifting!


Vibrantly g-Free


I love the vibe - so positive and uplifting!
Vibrantly g-Free